Tantric Massage Teaching
for Couples – 3 hours

Tantric Massage is an intuitive ecstaticĀ dance between lovers

Tantric Massage draws upon many of the Tantric principles for blissful sexual expression. These are utilized and experienced through Tantric lovemaking- although, with massage, they are often much easier to access.


It allows for deep relaxation, strong connection, and for the recipient, total surrender to experience pleasure without the pressure to perform or do anything. It brings both giver and receiver into their bodies, allowing us to feel the sexual energy spreading from our pelvis and around our entire body as the pleasure builds. You will get an opportunity to truly be in the moment with your lover, to feel the heart connection, to breathe with them, experience the feel of their skin under our hands, and the impact that sensual touch has on their body.


I will teach you many techniques & sequences to relax the body, stimulate sexual arousal, build the powerful Kundalini energy, and move it around your entire body. This is reported by many to far exceed the pleasure experienced through regular sex!


Sensual erotic massage goes far beyond technique, into the realm of presence, timing, intention, and a willingness to open our bodies in trust & love, both as the recipient and giver. I recognise that mastery in this art will take practice, but under our guidance, we will have you able to provide an amazing experience for your lover during the workshop that will impact your lovemaking for years to come.


I work in a purposely created space within our home to introduce you to the idea of creating your own Sacred Love Temple. The room will be candlelit, scented with incense, flowers, sensual images, and erotic music which will enhance your experience & increase intimacy. You will naturally relax while being aware of your rising excitement & expectation.


Everything that takes place within a session will be fully discussed beforehand and will honour your personal boundaries throughout. What I do offer is the opportunity to give and receive a 1-hour full body erotic massage given by your partner and myself in a very safe, confidential setting. I will be there to instruct and offer assistance. This will not develop into sex with me. I do not get naked and my intention throughout is YOU as a couple. I want you both to love the experience, the connection, teachings, and pleasure.


Cost: $350
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