Tantra for Couples 8 Hour Workshops (Private NOT Group)

Tantra For Couples on the Sunshine Coast

Have you ever felt that you are unable to express your true authentic self to your partner or indeed yourself?

Do you continue to repress all those insecurities, fears, passions, desires & dreams that you’ve accumulated over your life?

Are you a slave to your conditioning, the gender roles, values & lifestyle expressions of your childhood influencers?

intimate-trantric-coupleImagine a relationship where you were free… where you feel totally 100% loved, accepted, heard & understood.
Imagine what that would feel like & how that would impact every single aspect of your life.
Imagine how relaxed you would feel?

How you would act in public, how you would be as a parent, lover, friend & what impact that would have on your self worth & self esteem?

What would your sex life become if you were both being totally true to who you authenticity are?

Let me take you both on a journey. It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s not necessarily going to be easy straight away but what I can promise you, absolutely promise you, is that your life, relationship & sex life will never be the same again.

This session is boutique to your situation, goes at your pace & remains within your boundaries at all time. Its length depends on your participation level, the questions you ask & your willingness to explore the possibilities offered. We provide all food, wine, tea & coffee required.

Staying over is recommended as finish times vary & you may not feel like driving afterwards x

I can not elaborate further on what happens as that changes couple to couple so just jump!


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