Tantra Intimacy Coaching

Couples Tantra Intimacy Coaching is whatever you both want it to be…

Perhaps you came to a workshop and want some extra support, guidance or practice. Maybe you have some relationship issue that you both feel needs some work overcoming before you can move on, a fear, boundary or past experience.

When we start to explore our own desires, past experiences and unconscious emotions may arise, especially around sex. We have been so conditioned that sex is wrong, dirty, monogamous & based on porn. When we start to explore our own desires past experiences and emotions may arise. Let us help move you forward.

As life coaches, we are all about moving you forward as opposed to spending hours working through all the bad stuff of your past relationships or childhood. Tantra is all about this moment. We will encourage you to accept your past, understand that it has impacted who you are now and springboard you into an exciting future.

As you move through this process of open communication, enjoying your body and relaxing in the now, you will find that fears, guilt and blame will be burnt up by all your new found sexual energy. It is inevitable if you stay on the path of enjoyment & pleasure, so trust the process and us.

Topics Most Often Discussed:

sex and intimacy

  • Ejaculation issues
  • Same sex attraction
  • Benefits & pitfalls of open relationships
  • Spicing it up in the bedroom
  • Overcoming low self-esteem/body issues
  • Thinking of leaving a relationship/separation
  • Dealing with life after an affair

Although Kali runs the Massage & Tantra session, Dean is available on request for Coaching Clients.

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