Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list which we will add to if necessary…

  • What days and times do you hold sessions?

Our Private Sessions can be on any day & time of your choosing from 8am till 8pm, except Tuesday

  • What should we wear?

Anything that feels comfortable for you & allows you to move easily, is in line with the season/weather & can be removed quickly would be great as would layering. Jewellery should be avoided as it can easily be lost in the dark or left behind. Make-up can be smudged during the massage and worrying about it could reduce your feeling of relaxation & pleasure. Strong perfume/aftershave can become overpowering, so please consider its use.

  • What is a ‘create your own workshop’?

This is fantastic if you have a special occasion such as a birthday/hens night etc where you would like to do something different, or if you have a group of friends who have expressed an interest in Tantra and would be open to exploring things further. I will write a boutique session to meet your needs, making it as hands on & challenging as you want. You can choose a date/time & duration and after an initial discussion with you I will do the rest.

  • I’m single can I bring a friend instead of a partner?

Absolutely! if you have a friend who you can share an intimate experience with then go for it, I can cater the session accordingly and make it boutique for your situation so that you both feel safe & secure in your boundaries, learn lots & have fun

  • Can we bring our kids with us?

I would love to say yes, but I just can’t …. Sorry! Our house is not very child friendly but more importantly we want you to relax & benefit from all that we have to offer. Children can be a distraction to that process & used as an excuse if emotions/stuff starts coming up. Please consider this as your special time, away from normal life to adventure fully into all that Tantra is & offers.

  • What should we bring with us?

I provide everything you should need, but a water bottle would be great, any drinks you might desire if wine is not your thing (there is a fridge) and a jumper/socks in case it gets cool at night.

  • We are in a same-sex relationship will that still ‘work’?

This makes absolutely no difference to me although I am obviously female and that could prove a barrier to your enjoyment. Dean is also available on request to discuss any ways he could help make this work for you both. Our intention is for everyone to learn valuable practices, philosophies & experiences that will benefit you both regardless of orientation.

  • Is it just Kali or will Dean be there too?

Unless you have booked a coaching session where Dean’s help & experience would benefit you more, then it will just be Kali at your session.

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