Empty Nesters and Tantra

Empty nesters suddenly have more freedom than they have known for years. Lucky you! You’ve made it! The kids are gone, the house is clean, freedom is available and you both have plenty of time for each other. Every night can be undisturbed romantic bliss, relaxed TV watching or time with friends. You can walk around naked, drink wine with lunch & not have to worry about footy practice, assignments or questions beginning with ‘Why!’ You can leave food/beer in the fridge & return to find it untouched & weekend mornings are indulgent, intimate, pleasure-filled, lazy romps that fuel you both for the week!! Life is good. Mmmmm — or maybe not?Maybe it can be better?

This can, in reality, be a very challenging time in a couple’s life especially in a child-centred family or after retirement or health scare. The peace and quiet can become a deafening silence, and your image in the mirror and of your partner may not meet your desires and expectations. And what about sex?Open communication? & space to be yourself?

Empty nesters often face new challenges, such as establishing a new kind of relationship with their spouse.

As a fellow empty nester who works with lots of other similar couples, I can both understand and help you navigate your uncharted path towards openness, freedom & increased purpose, desire & self-esteem.
tantra for empty nesters

Things Tantric Exploration Achieve:

  • Taking sex & sexual expression to the next level
  • Re-discovering yourself, your partner & the possibilities
  • Lack of desire
  • Boredom in the bedroom & in life
  • Mid life crisis, yours & theirs!
  • Feeling old & past it
  • Comparing yourself & life to others
  • Hey honey, “Let’s try swinging!”
  • Filling the silence with actual talking
  • Showing your kids that you can do it alone (which will help their transition)

Every session I run is catered to the individual needs of the couple which is why I don’t run group workshops, where the message is generalised & diluted. Private Tantra sessions are all about YOU!

Private Accommodation is Available!