Couples with Young Families Need Tantra Too!

For those of you who can relate to the following feelings and situations we know a tantra couples session will be very rewarding.

Hands up who feels tired, time poor & perhaps not as sexually expressive as they once did? Two hands up who feels inadequate, lack of desire & basically just treading water in all things intimate? Do you get triggered by the ‘Have it all’ message we are constantly fed, that we can work have Instagram awesome homes, holidays, children, figures & sex lives, great conversation & have read the latest books seen the latest movies & have partners who never look at porn or look at anyone else with just a touch of lust??

Yep welcome to the ‘time & place’ of the modern young family, but what if none of this nonsense was true & you are in fact already doing an awesome job? What if you trusted me with taking you both to the next level in your intimacy, communication & sexual expression so you can discover a new relaxed, deeply profound way to make love, where you will grow to love your body, its power & multi orgasmic potential, without ANY pressure to perform for either of you?/

boy do ing handstand
Let me help you:

  • Love yourself again
  • Discover how to make orgasmic love while exhausted
  • Learn how to blow the ‘quickie’ out of the water
  • How to rediscover yourselves, your desires & dreams
  • How to experience true freedom while being in a busy family with a busy life
  • Discover the magic you can do with a feather & some oil
  • Overcome any performance issues or lack of feelings

I run every tantra couples session to cater to the individual needs of you as a young tantric couple which is why I do not run group workshops. The message in groups is generalised and diluted. I only provide private tantra sessions which are all about your relationship as a couple.

Private Accommodation Available