The Definition of Couples is not Ambiguous

definition of couples
Our definition of ‘couple’ is all inclusive. We know that to put the words “Tantra and Couples” together could seem hetero-biased or binary and limited. This is not in any way our intention. Our teaching, life-experience, and worldview is beautifully open, not limiting and biased.

Tantra is about fully exploring yourself, your self-concept, your unconscious and saying YES to all the crazy, exciting and unexplored corners of yourself. We do this without judgment, shame or guilt. It is about thanking your conditioning and your “time & place” beliefs for keeping you alive thus far, but recognising that perhaps they have served their purpose and there needs to be an adjustment.

We encourage people to do it all, have it all, and certainly express it all, as they float down the river of life. The context of a ‘couple’ provides the crucible for that adventure. A couple by definition provides someone with whom to share and mirror. There is someone to love regardless of their darkness, shadow or past experiences. It is obviously therefore not defined by or limited by gender or self-identification.

This is a journey towards intimacy, open communication and true freedom where anything is possible. So come jump into the tantric river. The water is lovely and all are welcome!

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